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Welcome to Around the Pan (click to see us catering for happy customers), your premier destination for the best paella catering in Melbourne. As a rice dish originating from Valencia, Spain, paella has a rich history rooted in humble beginnings. Originally considered peasant food, paella was crafted using whatever seasonal ingredients were available, satisfying the appetites of hardworking farmers and laborers. Traditional paella often featured rabbit, beans, chicken, and occasionally duck, cooked in olive oil and chicken broth. Infused with saffron, the rice obtains its iconic yellow hue, while turmeric and calendula serve as worthy substitutes. At Around the Pan, we honor these time-honored traditions, infusing them with our own unique touch. We use premium Australian produce and seasonal vegetables, ensuring each paella boasts the coveted layer of crispy rice, known as el socarrat. We pay homage to the traditional flavors while infusing new life into the pan. Join us on a culinary journey where rice reigns supreme, and the vibrant flavors of paella come alive like never before. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with Around the Pan, the ultimate choice for paella catering in Melbourne. Want to learn how to cook paella online with us click here?

Catering and Entertainment

Experience the ultimate live cooking event for any occasion with Around the Pan. Immerse yourself in the whole paella experience with our "Gold Standard" paella, designed to captivate your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. If you're working within a budget, our "Market" paella offers a fantastic alternative without compromising on flavor. All our meals are freshly prepared onsite, ensuring a delectable dining experience for your guests. While our signature dish is the mouthwatering seafood paella, we are more than happy to customize it to meet your specific preferences. With a minimum order of 25 people and a maximum capacity of 500 people, we can accommodate events of all sizes. Take your event to the next level with optional salsa classes or live Spanish guitar performances that will energize your guests and get them up and moving. From birthday parties to award nights, social gatherings to spring racing carnivals, engagement parties to weddings, and even unforgettable hen parties, we cater to your every desire. Let us make your event truly extraordinary with Around the Pan, where the possibilities are endless.

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We provide on-site cooking using fresh, high-quality ingredients for your special occasion. Fully insured and equipped with a food handling certificate, we ensure a seamless and safe culinary experience at your location. Let us bring the flavors to you and make your event unforgettable.

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Dance Classes

Add some spice to your event with a salsa dance class led by our experienced instructor. Energize your guests with the vibrant rhythms and moves of salsa. This optional service is available at an additional cost to create a memorable and lively atmosphere.

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Spanish Guitar

Enhance the ambiance of your event with the enchanting melodies of live Spanish instrumental guitar. Our talented guitarist will captivate your guests with soulful tunes. This optional service is available at an additional cost, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your special occasion.

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Our versatile music selection is tailored to suit any occasion, ensuring the perfect soundtrack for your event. As a bonus, we offer Latin music at no additional cost, adding a vibrant and lively atmosphere to your celebration. Let us set the right tone for your special occasion with our diverse music repertoire.

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Make your event truly exceptional with our master of ceremonies services. Let us take charge and be the charismatic host of the night, ensuring smooth organization and lively engagement. Discover how we can bring life to your special occasion. Please inquire about our hosting options, available at an additional cost, to elevate your event to the next level.

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Paella Online Cooking Course

Join our online paella class with Adamo from Around the Pan for authentic Spanish cooking. Learn expert tips, create delicious paellas at home. Sign up now!

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Gold Standard or Market Paella Options Available

"an alternative to the gold standard"

Market Paella $22pp / Plus Gst

Market Paella $22pp / Plus Gst

This paella is specifically crafted for larger groups or individuals who prefer an alternative to the gold standard option. It is a delectable combination dish called "mixta," packed with flavors suitable for any occasion. If the client desires a greater emphasis on either chicken or seafood, we are more than happy to accommodate their preferences. Our mixta dish comprises Spanish rice, chicken, a medley of seafood, chorizo, beans, capsicum, and a delightful blend of spices. The minimum group size for this option is 60 people, with a maximum capacity of 500. For a comprehensive explanation of the distinctions between different types of paella, please refer to the FAQ section below.

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The "Gold Standard" is what we have built our business on. An over abundance of produce to make sure everyone that has a bowl not only enjoys the true characteristics of a Spanish crunchy rice but get enough meat/protein in their dish to be satisfied with the meal.

The Market paella has all the characteristics of a Spanish paella but without all the bells and whistles (expensive produce). The Market paella pays homage to the rice which is always the star of the show.

The Market paella is basically the same paella you would get from any paella catering service on the market., so why go somewhere else? We have something for everyone. (min 60 people per order)

This allows us to cater more for the client and their needs.
It's easy! Simply scroll to the Contact - "Get A Quote" page, fill out the form and we can pencil in the date if it is available. Identify the dish and amount of people to cook for - it's easy as that. Alternatively if you would like to speak in person, call Adamo on 0423 070 817.

We cook everything fresh along with providing bowls, cutlery, napkins and lemon wedges. We need to arrive 2 hours prior to your elected serve time, to cook the food.
We travel all over Victoria.
Yes, fully insured with public liability.

Great question! Our minimum is a serving for 25 people for one pan. Just tell us the dish and leave the rest to us!
We charge per person. You can ask this question when you fill out the form on the Contact - "Get a Quotepage. It varies depending on the dish and the amount of people. You can also look at the "Pricing Table" as well
No need to worry, all our Paella dishes are gluten free!

We have a fabulous Vegetarian Paella that will surely impress. Full of flavor with roasted Vegetables to satisfy you at any occasion.  No need to worry its all dairy free!
Not a problem. In that scenario what we offer is the minimum 25 people per pan, twice. That way you can have a couple of options for your guests but please note that  it does bring your minimum catering total up to 50 people. You can find this on the "Pricing" page.
No need to worry its nut free.

BLOG - Share Your Street Food Adventures: Uncover Culinary Gems Across the Globe
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Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace with on-demand videos and access. Yes that's right you can learn to cook for 15-20 people on a pro paella set up or you have a bonus video to learn straight from your kitchen with the biggest pan you have in your cupboard for 6-8 people. Yes that's right, no outlay to get started! Have you ever thought about cooking Paella for your family and friends? This course outline is a cook up for 15 people with a real paella experience. Total cook time 83 min dish demonstration. A further investment of a 65 cm enamel paella pan and Spanish BBQ is required to do the course ($300 - $400 on Amazon). Embark on a tantalizing paella voyage with "Around the Pan"! Unlock insider secrets, perfect your paella prowess, and dazzle with your culinary finesse. Dive into paella's rich heritage, refine your skills, and enroll now for a taste of Spain in every mouthwatering bite! Simply purchase the course, then you have to SIGN in which will make you a subscriber, you'll then be emailed a code, and your away! Along your journey if your have any questions feel free to contact us via the homepage and lets cook together!

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