What is Paella? image
Welcome to Around the Pan (click to see us catering for happy customers), your premier destination for the best paella catering in Melbourne. As a rice dish originating from Valencia, Spain, paella has a rich history rooted in humble beginnings. Originally considered peasant food, paella was crafted using whatever seasonal ingredients were available, satisfying the appetites of hardworking farmers and laborers. Traditional paella often featured rabbit, beans, chicken, and occasionally duck, cooked in olive oil and chicken broth. Infused with saffron, the rice obtains its iconic yellow hue, while turmeric and calendula serve as worthy substitutes. At Around the Pan, we honor these time-honored traditions, infusing them with our own unique touch. We use premium Australian produce and seasonal vegetables, ensuring each paella boasts the coveted layer of crispy rice, known as el socarrat. We pay homage to the traditional flavors while infusing new life into the pan. Join us on a culinary journey where rice reigns supreme, and the vibrant flavors of paella come alive like never before. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with Around the Pan, the ultimate choice for paella catering in Melbourne. Want to learn how to cook paella online with us click here?