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The "Gold Standard" is what we have built our business on. An over abundance of produce to make sure everyone that has a bowl not only enjoys the true characteristics of a Spanish crunchy rice but get enough meat/protein in their dish to be satisfied with the meal.

The Market paella has all the characteristics of a Spanish paella but without all the bells and whistles (expensive produce). The Market paella pays homage to the rice which is always the star of the show.

The Market paella is basically the same paella you would get from any paella catering service on the market., so why go somewhere else? We have something for everyone. (min 60 people per order)

This allows us to cater more for the client and their needs.
It's easy! Simply scroll to the Contact - "Get A Quote" page, fill out the form and we can pencil in the date if it is available. Identify the dish and amount of people to cook for - it's easy as that. Alternatively if you would like to speak in person, call Adamo on 0423 070 817.

We cook everything fresh along with providing bowls, cutlery, napkins and lemon wedges. We need to arrive 2 hours prior to your elected serve time, to cook the food.
We travel all over Victoria.
Yes, fully insured with public liability.

Great question! Our minimum is a serving for 25 people for one pan. Just tell us the dish and leave the rest to us!
We charge per person. You can ask this question when you fill out the form on the Contact - "Get a Quotepage. It varies depending on the dish and the amount of people. You can also look at the "Pricing Table" as well
No need to worry, all our Paella dishes are gluten free!

We have a fabulous Vegetarian Paella that will surely impress. Full of flavor with roasted Vegetables to satisfy you at any occasion.  No need to worry its all dairy free!
Not a problem. In that scenario what we offer is the minimum 25 people per pan, twice. That way you can have a couple of options for your guests but please note that  it does bring your minimum catering total up to 50 people. You can find this on the "Pricing" page.
No need to worry its nut free.