Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace with on-demand videos and access. Yes that's right you can learn to cook for 15-20 people on a pro paella set up or you have a bonus video to learn straight from your kitchen with the biggest pan you have in your cupboard for 6-8 people. Yes that's right, no outlay to get started! Have you ever thought about cooking Paella for your family and friends? This course outline is a cook up for 15 people with a real paella experience. Total cook time 83 min dish demonstration. A further investment of a 65 cm enamel paella pan and Spanish BBQ is required to do the course ($300 - $400 on Amazon). Embark on a tantalizing paella voyage with "Around the Pan"! Unlock insider secrets, perfect your paella prowess, and dazzle with your culinary finesse. Dive into paella's rich heritage, refine your skills, and enroll now for a taste of Spain in every mouthwatering bite! Simply purchase the course, then you have to SIGN in which will make you a subscriber, you'll then be emailed a code, and your away! Along your journey if your have any questions feel free to contact us via the homepage and lets cook together!

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